Homemade Jam

Homemade Jam

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Flavour 4 Fruit Medley - Think summer, think fresh strawberries, peaches, mangoes and pineapples, think a ray of sunshine in a jar. Strawberries, peaches, mangoes and pineapples are combined together creating this vibrant fresh flavoured jam.

Apricot Jam - A pretty delicate flavoured jam, thick with apricots. Lovely on toast or a piece of meat.

Banana Jam - Banana Jam is a pretty pink jam, thick with the fresh taste of bananas. Try it on a peanut butter sandwich. Peanut butter and banana sandwiches are an old fashioned favorite, now your banana treat can always be ready

Berries and Cherries Jam - Lots of different berries and Cherries makes this rich, thick dark jam. A combination of Strawberries, black currants, sweet cherries, black berries, blue berries and red sour cherries.

Blueberry Jam - Large juicy blueberries make for a fresh tasty blueberry jam, a favorite amongst the berry lovers. Unlike the wild blueberry jam there are no little tiny blue berries thru out this jam, this is a thicker, smoother jam.

Wild Blueberry/Apple Jam - One of our best sellers - tiny wild blueberries burst with flavour.

Blackberry Jam - Large whole blackberries throughout this old fashioned jam.

Bumbleberry Jam - Strawberries, Raspberries, Wild Blueberries, Blackberries and Rhubarb create this wonderful full flavoured jam. Just like Grandma use to make, remember Grandma's Bumbleberry Pie.

Black Currant Jam - Another old fashioned jam, the flavour brings back memories of toast by the woodstove or on grandma's porch.

Black Cherry Jam - An old fashioned jam with chunks of cherries, sweeter than our cherry jam, think of black cherry ice cream.

Cherry Jam - Not as sweet as black cherry jam - with chunks of cherries throughout.

Cinnamon Pear/Apple Jam - Pears and apples combined with a hint of cinnamon.

Carrot Cake Jam - Carrots, pineapple, pears and spices make this yummy cake on toast jam, a great present for those that have tried everything.

Dutch Apple Pie Jam - Chunks of apples and raisins make this the ultimate pie on toast jam, one of our top 10 spreads; try it on multigrain bread toasted with a cup of tea.

Elderberry Jam - An old fashioned jam like grandma use to make.

Gooseberry Jam - Using ripe local gooseberries, this jam tastes like the one grandma use to make.

Grape Jam - Yes Jam not jelly, the whole grape is used to make this jam, thick with tiny pieces of grapes thru out the jam.

Kiwi Jam - A beautiful green jam with little black seeds makes this a unique jam all on its own. The flavour of fresh kiwi and the unique color make it a wonderful addition to jam trays or as a conversational piece.

Mango Jam - On toast, on meat, on tea biscuits, on muffins, yum.

Peach Jam - This jam brings the summer sunshine into your home, peach pieces throughout.

Pear Jam - Pear jam is a light coloured, mild fresh flavoured jam, pear pieces throughout.

Pear/Peach Jam - A marriage of 2 summer fruits, the smoothness of the peach with the graininess of the pear makes for sunshine any day.

Plum Jam - Old fashioned plum jam like great grandma used to make.

Raspberry Jam - Ruby red thick raspberry jam made from local plump hand picked pesticide free raspberries. This jam is thick and tasty with lots of berries throughout, enjoy the fresh raspberry flavour.

Raspberry/Apple Jam - The addition of apple brings out the flavour of the raspberries with less seeds, one of our top 10 spreads.

Raspberry/Cherry Jam - Raspberries with the addition of cherries, a wonderful flavour with less seeds.

Raspberry/Gooseberry Jam - Sweet and sour, a wonderful combination, lots of gooseberries throughout.

Raspberry/Rhubarb Jam - The sweetness of the Raspberries is softened with the sourness of the Rhubarb. Thick with fruit, a nice change from Strawberry Rhubarb Jam.

Raspberry/Blackberry Jam - Thick with Raspberries and Blackberries, this jam is a hit for berry lovers.

Rhubarb Jam - Heavenly rhubarb jam.

Rhubarb/Pineapple Jam - The colour of sunshine, pineapple softens the tartness of the rhubarb.

Saskatoon Berry Jam - An old fashioned jam like grandma use to make.

Strawberry Jam - A Thick old-fashioned jam with lots of berries.

Strawberry/Pineapple Jam -
The kids young and old will love it.

Strawberry/Lavender Jam -
Strawberry jam with the addition of lavender, yes lavender is edible, great on tea biscuits or as a spread on a muffin.

Strawberry/Raspberry/Wild Blueberry/Blackberry Jam - A berry marriage made in heaven, one of our top 10 spreads.

Strawberry Banana Jam - A pretty pink jam, strawberries and bananas combine to create this thick jam that is yummy on top of peanut butter toast, or try it on a sandwich; the kids of all ages will love it.

Strawberry/Rhubarb Jam - An old fashioned favourite.

Strawberry/Raspberry Jam - All the freshness of spring strawberries and summer raspberries makes for this all ages jam, once again enjoy the raspberry flavour with less seeds.